Meeting Minutes

5-9-22 General Mtg Minutes.pdf
5-9-22 General Mtg Minutes.pdf
9-20-21 General Mtg Minutes.pdf
General Meeting Minutes 5-10-21.pdf

Monday, January 11, 2021

I. Roll Call

Stacey Klein, Kim M cDevitt, Carrie Webb, Kelli Meyer, Jade Gotter, Kristin Schwartz, Leann Litterer, Pam Larson, Sarah Lenzen, Cory Desens, Scott Laurie Kaster Kailee, Alicia Bengston, Curtis Ricard, Jennifer Chisholm, Danielle Zick, David Scalise, Kelly McElhinhy, Oleg Hanaschuk, Sonja Monson, Suzie Bergquist, Lisa Flake

II. Treasurer’s Report

•Fall Fundraisers were successful

•Give MN final deposit $3,437.00

•Dine Out final number from DQ $203

•Benevity: $251.37

•Amazon Smile: $55.01

•Droolin Moose: $710.00 (this has been added to student accounts) and 595.30 was added

to the general account

•We partially paid accompanist from November recital. The schools went into shut down right

before the recitals so while they didn’t get to perform with students, they did prepare and


•Student Accounts:

•Money from student accounts was approved for All State band camp

•Conversation continuing about rules for student accounts

•Kim has a friend who is going to do some digging

•This has been an ongoing conversation

•IRS has regulations but the language is vague

•Overall, we need to be careful how much fundraising goes to student accounts

•Students who do not use their student account cannot be just handed a check.

•Student accounts are internally handled by us legally fundraising money belongs to

the band boosters. We choose to put it in individual student accounts.

•Options for student account funds: A possible group activity or gift for our seniors.

•Use for Broadway

•Student Funds can possibly be transferred to younger siblings continuing in band

•Unused student funds can be used for a hardship fund

•A volunteer to take over for Student accounts for 2021/22 season is needed.

III. Fundraising Report

•Chipotle Dine Out

•Feburary 9 th

•Will allow online orders but it needs to be mentioned that this is AVHS Band order

•We get 30% of all orders

•Gertens Jen Chisholm

•Orders due end of March or early April.

•Delivery is May 3rd

• Kim will do emails

IV. Volunteer and Get Involved

• Open Executive Board Positions for 2021-2022:

• Co-President to work with Kim McDevitt

• Student Account Treasurer

• Webmaster and Social Media Rep

• Instagram: @avhsbandbooster

• Site Council Rep

• Open Coordinator Positions:

• Burgers and brats in the fall – Zicks are willing to stay but they have a gap (daughter

currently in 7th grade)

• Bake sales

• Gertens spring of 2022

V. Webmaster’s Report

• Information about the dine out at Chipotle and Gerten’s will be added.

VI. Site Council Report - Kelli Meyer

• There has not been a site council meeting as of yet.

VII. General Information

• Google Drive update

• Creating for easy access to future booster leaders

• Switching from a flash drive to google drive

• Doing a lot of purging and cleaning

• Spirit Wear

• 12 orders = $77 to band booster

• Freshman T shirts...Jade Gotter

• Typically do this in the fall at the freshman open house

• Shirts are offered for free for freshman

• Upperclassman who have outgrown or lost their shirt can purchase for $10

• We keep some on hand for this reason (and for any new students)

• Last year we ordered 130 t-shirts (for freshman and extras)

• This year we need 45 shirts after checking inventory (new students and extras)

• If we order 50 shirts, we get $2 off from each shirt – this was approved to go ahead and order.

Total of $400

• Scholarship - Kelly McElhinny

• $500 scholarship

• Last year Band booster gave 10, $500 scholarships – Kelly will confirm this year’s plan via


• Scholarship application window March 15 – April 12th.

• Mr. Scalise will continue to help coordinate Band Booster scholarship essay scoring via

google forms

VII. Directors’ Report

• COVID-19 has drastically put Band and Choir at risk in district 196.

There is a massive participation drop especially at the elementary and middle school level due

to digital learning.

• There is a quota of band students to justify keeping band directors on staff.

• If there are cuts the district is at risk of losing some really great directors.

• It will soon be time for 4th graders to register for 2021/22 school year for band. There is a wait

and see how many join. Staffing decision will happen in March

• The middle school band directors are preparing for a 6th grade band restart for students

currently in 5th grade who have never had in person band and 6th graders who just gave up this


• Nationwide, 35% middle school students and 15% high school students have dropped band –

hugely impacting high school band programs.

• There is hope that they will give it a second try and for those that stayed with it will give

them a re-start opportunity.

• It could take years to catch up to match the legacy that the band programs have in our


• Plans for some creative recruitment are in process. A video showing music program highlights

featuring musicals, Broadway, R&B, etc. is in the works.

• The directors have asked for parent/booster support when this devastating decision goes

before the school board.

• Band and choir directors from 5th – high school level met and continue to think outside the

box to keep our program strong and growing.

• Thank you to our great directors for all your hard work this past year.

• Solo recital

• Will be virtual

• Accompanist will be recorded beforehand

• Broadway

• Will be smaller and pre-recorded – no live audience

• Band Trip

• Band directors wanted parent booster input of doing a band trip in the spring of 2022

• Overall consensus and based on experts COVID should be behind us by the end of 2021 and

all felt it was safe to plan.

• Destination: Orlando, Florida

• AVHS has avoided oversea trips to make the trip accessible to everyone.

• A non- refundable deposit would be due in October 2021.

• Chances are the prices will go up. All felt that price was fair considering what the 8th grade

DC trip cost.

• Ensembles

• Percussion and Jazz band have started

Next General Band Booster Meeting is May 10, 2021.

Next Executive Board Meeting is March 8, 2021.

Monday, September 28, 2020

I. Roll Call

Board: Carrie Webb(co-president), Kim McDevitt (co-president), Kristin Schwartz (Treasurer), Stacey Klein (Secretary), Sarah Lenzen (fundraising), Kelli Meyer (site representative), Brian Meyer (Webmaster), Alycia Bengston (Fundraising), Jade Gotter (Spirit Wear), Pam Larson, Suzie Bergquist, David Scalise (director)

Guests: Sonja Monsen, Curt Ricard, Sara Smith, Lisa Flake, Tina Reynoso, Bobbie Ofstad, Betsy Sterm, Amy Gann, Cindy Klaus, Stacy Treu, Terry Kahle, Mike Gotter, Oleg Hanushchak (my apologies if any names are missing or misspelled, several were on zoom but with video off)

II. 8/2020 executive board minutes: Approved

III. Band Directors Report ~ David Scalise

a. Band plays for 30 minutes at a time.

  • Mr. Desens & Mr. Scalise are co-teaching more so than they have in the past.

  • The bands will split up with each director and then come together.

b. Lessons are being done on Zoom (when it’s the student digital learning day) with about 18 – 20 lessons per day (less on Wednesdays as this is also make-up day).

c. The Fall Musical will be moved to the spring with little to no audience (it will be recorded).

  • No final decisions have been made about Broadway but the directors are brainstorming ideas to possibly have the production professionally recorded. Singers have to be 12 ft. apart, this adds challenging dimension. The feeling is that we should keep this tradition going for our students who have worked hard and look forward to these performances every year (especially our seniors).

d. This year is challenging especially as the concept of BAND is to be together playing – but the students are handling it very well.

e. With the upcoming election, the racial unrest over the summer, a global pandemic we need music more than ever. Music can heal and has a far deeper meaning. It’s important that we keep looking forward and while it won’t be as it has in the past – this year in band will have meaning for our students.

f. AVHS band is trailblazing for the rest of the district. We were the first to have in person band as our directors were on top of what we could and could not do and acted fast to make it happen. The other schools are following AVHS standards. The feedback has been positive so far.

g. Extracurricular band (ensembles, jazz band, etc) is still up in the air. These bands usually have an activity fee and the directors don’t want to charge families a fee and then find out they can’t play. One idea is that the ensembles will start and families can pay later if they are able to continue. The directors will need to follow the district guidelines & teacher contracts. Our directors are still processing ideas.

h. Commissioned Pieces: AVHS Band is very excited to be a part of the Minnesota Consortium for Black American Composers. Information can be found here: Two of the directors for this consortium have a strong Apple Valley connection: Matt Dehnel is an alumni of AVHS and has a daughter currently in AV wind ensemble . He also student taught with David Scalise. Ian McKnight student taught with Corey Desens.

i. Trip Status: UP IN THE AIR - a decision will be made within the next month – but probably will not happen. We would need to put a non- refundable deposit for a spring trip in now – with that – it’s too much of a risk to plan a trip, have it cancelled, and families be out of that money. The band directors are brainstorming a special event for our seniors to which they can use their fundraised money). A band trip is more likely to happen in the 21/22 school year (or realistically 22/23) with the hopes that our current freshman can get one band trip in for their high school experience. It’s Important to note that while many of our seniors and their families worked hard to fundraise for a trip that they will not get to take – the money they earned cannot be returned to them in cash (tax laws). The directors and band boosters are discussing options for unused student account funds, in the event that this years trip is cancelled.

IV. Fundraising ~ Alycia Bengston

a. General Fund:

i. Dine Out: Alycia Bengston has made a few calls to Chick-fil- A, Dairy Queen, and Culvers (some of our usual dine out locations). They are currently not returning her calls. She will follow-up with them and will call others that were suggested (Panda Express, Freddy’s, Pizza Ranch, Canes, Panera). Some of our usuals (burgers at our first home football game, Brats at Von Hansen’s are cancelled due to COVID-19)

ii. Amazon Smile: Keep Advertising. We receive payment quarterly and just received a payment of $46.66. Log onto 1468108 to pick a charitable organization (Apple Valley High School-Band Booster Club).

iii. Give MN: Give to the max is on 11/19/ 2020. A band family (that wishes to remain anonymous) will match 50% of what we earn up to $1,000). We will do a two-week push from November 5 – 19. (as of date, the information has not been updated).

iv. Curt Ricard told us about a program through his employer where his company has Matching Time Programs (he got ‘paid’ for attending the booster meeting and his company (Microsoft) will pay the school for his volunteer time. Check to see if your company has Dollars for Doers, or Benevity.

b. Student Accounts:

i. Droolin’ Moose (Sarah Lenzen)– Mid October. We will still plan on doing this. We will need to verify with AVHS admin if we are able to have pick up at the school. Make great gifts.

ii. Gertens Spring Bedding Plants (Heather Smith, Jen Chisholm) – while this fundraiser will benefit the freshman and sophomores the most – it is still encouraged to partake to support our band community. They are usually delivered before Mother’s Day.

iii. A question was asked: Why Gertens instead of supporting some Apple Valley nurseries (Pahls, Bachmans, Eiseles Greenhouse (AV football does a spring Eiseles plant sale). Answer: They have been very generous, easy to work with, great quality, price is right). It’s sometime easier to do what’s been done for easy transition – we would welcome information from local nurseries and Oleg Hanushchak is willing to research Pahl’s to see what they could offer. Here are other local nurseries that do fundraising:,,

V. Treasurer Report ~ Kristin Schwartz:

a. Budget approved

b. Looking at having a deficit due to the lack of fundraisers available to us, however we are sitting financially well and can handle a deficit. We are also not purchasing as much right now.

c. While we do not need to spend money on dresses right now – next year we’ll have double as we’ll need to supply dresses for freshman and sophomores.

d. Directors are setting up solo recitals instead of band concerts in November. We will need to pay for accompanist. Unsure at this time what that cost will be.

e. For details on band accounts please refer to booster treasurer.

VI. Calendar:

a. Booster Meetings (all band parents are invited)

i. January 11, 2021

ii. May 10, 2021

VII. Webmaster

a. Brian Meyer will work with Kim to transfer contents from the AVHS Band Booster flash drive to the AVHS Band Booster Google drive.

VIII. Site Council

a. First meeting is in October

IX. Spirit Wear/items:

a. Mr. Scalise is collecting sizes for freshman t-shirts. They will get them in the spring (they usually get them in the fall). We have about 60 freshman this year.

b. Spirit wear sales are always open and available on the band website.

c. If ordering for Christmas gifts order by December 7th for delivery on December 22nd. Any orders between Dec 7th – 18th, will be charged a $15 rush fee.

d. Spirit wear will be given to students unless arrangements have been made